Summer Plans: research data management at Iowa State University

Yes, the University Library has resources to help you with data management!

This coming Fall 2015 will see the deployment of what I am calling “ISU data management 2.0” (1.0 was during my first 12 months at Iowa State). What will 2.0 include? Well, if I can accomplish all of my goals, it will include a large update to the DMP Guide, new learning materials, a streamlined DMP consultation service, new workshops, and new partnerships.

First, the DMP Guide will be getting a large update this summer to bring it into alignment with the new public access plans that have been released by various funding agencies. I want to emphasize that the advice on the guide is still good – but it may not be able to answer all of your questions. Updating the guide will take time so if you have an immediate question or need help with a data management plan please contact me (my contact info is on the guide).

Speaking of contacting me, the second goal is to develop better ways to request help with data management. I’m hoping to develop a web form that asks a couple of simple questions which will help both researchers and librarians prepare for a consult. Right now I’ve been using a combination of email and phone calls, which works, but is not the most efficient.

Iowa State Library also offers access to the DMPTool which provides advice and templates to help you develop a data management plan. I will be working to customize the DMPTool to include ISU specific details, policies, or advice to mirror the guide content (once it’s been updated). I would really appreciate feedback on what people find helpful or lacking when using DMPTool.

Lastly, I am very happy to share that the University Library and the Grants Hub are working together to develop new content and learning opportunities related to research data management. I can’t provide many details yet because we are still in the planning stage but I am very excited to be working with the VPR Office again (they supported my past data management brown-bags).

Much of my time will be devoted to this effort over the 2015 summer. If you are interested in these projects, or in data and data management, then stay tuned.

– Megan


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