Some scholarly communication updates from the world of engineering:

This past weekend saw the launch of engrXiv, “a free, open access, open source archive for engineering research and design” which accepts and provides access to preprints in all disciplines of engineering.

Working with the Center for Open Science, engrXiv will “provide access to not just engineering papers but also important engineering assets such as data, code, and design and computational models. It will also provide an environment for public peer review of these engineering assets.”

engrXiv follows in the same vein as the well-known, and the more recently announced bioRxiv and SocArXiv.  engrXiv’s steering committee notes the site is intended to be pronounced “Engineering Archive,” and that going to will redirect you to engrXiv.

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The Electrochemical Society (ECS), a small, nonprofit society which focuses on energy storage, clean energy, and clean water, has embarked upon a mission to make all their content open access without charging author or reader fees.

Called Free the Science, this initiative plans to convert the entire ECS Digital Library to open access by 2024, and ECS will fund the access entirely themselves.

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