Blog run by Office of Scholarly Communication at Iowa State University Library.

Office of Scholarly Communication Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and facilitate conversations around new and arising topics of research, publishing, information sharing, and broader impacts which affect both the University Library and the Iowa State University campus. We work to assist faculty, students, and staff on scholarly communication topics and promote open access through our institutional repository, Digital Repository @ Iowa State University.

Office of Scholarly Communication Members

Kim Anderson, Digital Archivist
Harrison W. Inefuku, Digital Repository Coordinator
Chris King, Associate Dean, Reference and Instruction
Heather Lewin, Science & Technology Librarian
Emma Molls, Scholarly Communication Librarian (Social Science & Humanities)
Megan O’Donnell, Scholarly Communication Librarian (Science & Technology)
Kelly Thompson, Metadata Management Librarian

As a cross-functional team, our membership is drawn from diverse departments and our work is library-wide.


Check out some of our work.

Header image: Parks Library, Iowa State University. Courtesy of Melissa Tedone. Full image: https://parkslibrarypreservation.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/happy-new-year-2013/


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