Altmetric is for everyone… sort of

Many of us at the ISU Library are fans of altmetrics. We hold workshops on the topic and love to show people just how cool altmetrics are. But there’s a new problem on the altmetrics horizon: lack of transparency.

One of the reasons I rallied behind altmetrics was because unlike most other research performance metrics (such as JIF, H-index calculations, etc.) I could easily access all of the data and come to my own conclusions about what it means. Altmetrics also has a lot of value-added data in that many of the data points (shares, tweets, blog posts, news coverage, etc.) are commentary or conversational – you can see what people and organizations are saying about your research, not just that they cited it – and that kind of information is often more valuable than sheer numbers.

So, why am I worried then? Well it’s because of a fairly recent change one of the major altmetrics players has made…  Continue reading