President Obama Nominates Dr. Carla Hayden for Librarian of Congress

Breaking news for Fair Use Week! President Obama just announced his nomination for Librarian of Congress: Dr. Carla Hayden.

If confirmed, Dr. Hayden will have a lot of “firsts” under her belt. She’ll be the first woman, first African-American, the first to enter the office with a 10-year term limit, and  the first to enter the office knowing that most work is produced, shared, and stored, digitally.  This is important because the duties of the Librarian of Congress include determining if a work is subject to DMCA prohibitions regarding technological access protection and also makes decisions related to the Fair Use of digital works.

Translation: the right to jailbreak your iPhone, remove DRM from old technology, digitize old videos, etc. are part of the Librarian of Congress’s duties.

President Obama’s introduction to Dr. Hayden was posted today on the White House blog.



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