OpenCon 2015 Student-led Projects

Two weeks ago, students and early career researchers gathered in Berlin for OpenCon 2015. The meeting marked the 2nd annual multi-day workshop focused on open access, open data, and open education.

One of the panels, captured below, featured student advocates from last year’s OpenCon sharing their student-led projects. Check it out below:

Included in this stream:

Open Access Nepal
OA Nepal, originally organized by medical students, creates meet-ups for advocacy, awareness, and project development around open access in Nepal.

Simon Fraser Student Society OER
The student government of Simon Fraser University encourages their university to adopt OER policies.

OOO Canada
The OOO Canada network aims to address these issues by advocating for open and transparent approaches to knowledge sharing. Made up of graduate students, early career researchers, and activists with three primary goals: open data, open access, open education.

…and more!


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