Open Access publishing discounts and more

The Office of Scholarly Communication is happy to announce the availability of a new web page that provides details on Open Access publication discounts available to Iowa State University affiliates.

The University Library is an active supporter of Open Access publishing. We work with publishers and other organizations to provide discounts to our researchers and scholars. We look for memberships that are equatable, affordable, and practical – ones that are a good balance of cost and community benefit.

While investigating the details of the discounts we also learned of a fantastic new journal that is currently waiving all article processing charges: Royal Society Open Science.

We’re excited about this journal because it embraces a lot of wonderful Open Access principles.  All articles will be published immediately online after acceptance and carry a CC-BY 4.0 license. RS Open Science will also provide article metrics, optional open peer-review and support of open-data. All in all pretty impressive! It’s unclear how long the APC waiver will be in effect but if you have an article ready to submit you may want to consider RS Open Science.



Comments or questions?

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