Using Open as a Selling Point for an Academic Career

Back in June, the Right to Research Coalition welcomed Dr. Meredith Niles has host for the month’s OpenCon Community call. Dr. Meredith Niles discussed how you can use being Open as an asset for your career.

You can watch Dr. Niles’ entire presentation below:

Here are her main points as summarized by Edward Baker:

Applying for a position

  • Open is becoming the norm, make sure to sell yourself as ahead of the curve
  • Use open as an example of your commitment to research and science outside of academia
  • Promote open as a tool for collaboration

Interviewing for a position

  • Ask interviewers the questions: does the school have an Open Access policy, how is openness viewed on campus, how much are students spending on textbooks? This will make you memorable.

The job

  • Act as a local champion: provide resources, dispel myths, send out news, and even give presentations. This makes you valuable and unique
  • Lead by example: share publications and presentations, establish open early in grant writing processes

Dr. Meredith Niles is an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont. She received her PhD in Ecology from the University of California, Davis and her BA in Political Science in Environmental Studies from The Catholic University of America. She serves on the Board of Directors of PLoS (Public Library of Science).  

This webcast was part of OpenCon’s webcast series on using open as part of your career. If you’re interested in this topic, OpenCon also produced another short video with tips for being open as an early career researcher which may also be of interest.


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